Meet on Sundays live! : 9:30-10:30 AM

Reach persons of all ages for Bible study

Teach the Bible as the life-changing Word of God

Witness to persons about Christ and church membership

Minister to persons in need in the church and community

Overview of Christian Education

Christian Education is a process to teach people of every age in order to truly know Jesus-Christ as Savior and Lord. And for these following reasons:

  • To be firm in faith
  • To grow and progress continually
  • To apply biblical principles in their daily lives
  • To participate and serve actively in the local Church by using fully their spiritual gifts
  • To witness to others and pray for their conversion

General objective of Sunday school

           -`Bring every student to accept Jesus-Christ as Lord and Savior

           – Change life of students

           – Develop a deep relation with God through Jesus-Christ

           – Grow spiritually to reach maturity

           At FHABCO, Sunday school works under the leadership of Rev. Maxi Saint-Fleur, Pastor in charge, following by Brother Roger Nelson, Director, and brother Clerveau Dareus, Assistant-Director.

           In order to reach our objectives Sunday school is divided by Department as:

Children Department with four classes: Lead by Sister Farvy Fils-Aime

Youth Department with two classes: Lead by Brother Jules Gerome

Adults Department with nine classes in the morning and one class in the afternoon

Baptism class: Lead by Pastor Josue Jonathas & Brother Nesly Pierre

Outreach & Evangelism: Lead by Sister Immacula Berthole

Secretarial works by brother Jean Marie Gaston & Salnave Cherenfant

Couple Ministry: A program prepared and presented by Brother Elange Guerrelus every Sunday afternoon 6-7 Pm on 407-553-2642. Our main objective is to decrease the rate of divorce among Christian families.

Fhabco Education per se: A forum of education, and training on different subjects: Lead by Sister Marie Yolene Chery and Brother Roger Nelson every Thursday @ 8-9 PM on 407-777-2884

Join us every Sunday for biblical teaching.

For more information, please email Roger Nelson

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