First Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando, Inc.

4701 Lenox Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32811


Sound System, projector and production: If renter requires the use of the sound system and/or Projector and Video recording, the church secretary will direct you to an Audio/Visual Technician.
Damage deposit: $180 (See Damage Return Policy)
Rental fees : $600
Please initial after reading each statement:
Date Reservation/Damage Deposit: A deposit equal to 40% of the rental fees is required to reserve a date and will also serve as damage deposit which is refunded in full if premises and equipments are left clean and undamaged.
Refund Policy: Deposits are refundable if notice is given at least 15 working days prior to the event. All damage deposits not collected 90 working days after the event will be donated to the FHABCO Community Center.
Payment: The payment for the rental is due 10 working days prior to the event. If a confirmed event is not paid in full 10 working days prior, $50 will be deducted from the damage deposit every day that the payment is late.
Decoration Rules: All decorations must be approved by the church’s administration. The renter is responsible to remove all decorations after the event. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of at least $50 from the deposit.
Noise Level: It is the renters’ responsibility to ensure that noise levels do not exceed 55 decibels as required by Orange County noise and vibrations control ordinance.
Liability: Our administration is NOT liable for loss incurred by fire, theft or injury. Alcoholic beverages are NOT accepted on the premises, including the parking lot.
Cleaning: If the premises are left unclean, there will be a minimum deduction of $50 from the damage deposit.
Time: All renters must leave the building prior to 11 P.M. Starting from 11:01 P.M., $50 will be deducted from the damage deposit every 30 minutes.
Alcoholic Beverages: Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs are not allowed on the church grounds, either in the buildings or on the grounds. The person renting the building is responsible for enforcing this policy. Should this policy be broken, the renter forfeits his/her deposit and the function immediately terminated.
Set up time: Renters are allowed to enter the premises four (4) hours prior to the scheduled time of the event. Otherwise, the deposit will be used to adjust for an all-day rental.
,hereby declare that I have read and understood the above rules set by FHABCO’s administration and I agree to comply with the terms and conditions. I also agree that I am responsible for the repair of any damages which occur during my use of the building including, but not limited to, breakage of furniture and damage to church property.


Video Recording & Editing $100

Price for FHABCO Members
(Funerals and Weddings)

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