First Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando 4701 Lenox Blvd Orlando, FL 32811

Our history

The First Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando (FHABCO) was established in 1985 to serve the Haitian community in Orlando and to welcome anyone seeking help and spiritual guidance. It is a trilingual speaking congregation (French, Creole, and English) devoted to the Christian ministry. It is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

We are committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ around the world. In an effort to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ to “Go and Make Disciples of all Nations,” we focus our mission on two fundamental areas: Evangelization and Service, and have expanded these goals from the local, to the national and international levels.

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We believe that the goal of the church is to spread the word of God through evangelization with Bible study and prayer group programs in homes and churches. Evangelization is to explain why we are Christians and faithful followers of Jesus, what attracts us to the Christian faith, and why our lives are now different because of our faith. To evangelize is to share something precious that fills us with joy. We encourage each other to invite friends and other people we know to draw near in faith and become part of the FHABCO Ministry. We minister to the elderly, the youth, and men and women groups according to their needs.


One puts his faith in practice through service. It is not sufficient to evangelize; one has to give, because service is proof of faith. Charitable deeds speak louder than words in loving our neighbors. As a dove needs two wings to be able to fly, the church needs to proclaim the Gospel (the Evangel) of Christ, and at the same time, it must put into practice its “deaconship”, and serve people in need.

FHABCO primarily serves the Carver Shores and neighboring areas in Orlando. We maintain a food pantry for the needy, and sponsor missionary efforts nationally and internationally in Haiti. We are very excited about building a community center in the poor village of Perches in Haiti.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Maxi St-Fleur,

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Pastor, Dr. Antoine Villard Fils-Aimé

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Our Staff


For questions about our Music Ministry or requests to perform,
please contact Yielleen at 407-578–6988.

“Music in worship is about using your God-given gift to exalt His glory;
it is a tool to express your deepest feelings, to inspire and encourage others to
worship our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ.”

Yielleen M. J. St Amour