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The First Haitian Baptist Church of Orlando, FHABCO, created our first international humanitarian mission in 2006 after a group of women from FHABCO went to a women’s retreat at Lake Yale. At the conference, they were challenged by a missionary from the Dominican Republic to get involved in the Ministry of Missions. Upon their return, these women shared their desire with their home church to answer God’s calling.We named our international mission:




After several trips to Haiti, we were called to help other ministries in Carrefour and in Jacmel, in southeastern Haiti. We responded positively and continued to let the Lord lead us wherever He wanted. Since then, we made many trips before and after the 2010 earthquake. The misery is immeasurable, so we did what we could. We conducted several medical screening operations, and provided basic medical care and medications. We also distributed clothing and food, and shared the good news of Jesus Christ.

Since our first mission in 2006, we have conducted many missionary trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. God led us to establish a ministry in the village of Perches, in northeastern Haiti. This area is underdeveloped and lacks even drinking water. With the idea of providing for humanitarian and spiritual needs to the villagers, we acquired a piece of land at Perches to create the PERCHES COMMUNITY CENTER.


4701 Lenox Blvd., Orlando, FL 32811
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